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The Advantages to Direct Deposit

Do you have the option to directly deposit your paycheck at work?  You may have ignored it, thinking you don’t need it; you may want to reconsider.

Direct Deposit is faster, safer, convenient and free.  No more waiting for the postal service to arrive with your paycheck.  No need to wait in line at the bank to cash your paycheck.  Even if you are out of town, sick or unable to get to your financial institution, your paycheck is in your account the day it is issued.  No more lost or stolen checks.  The best of all is that the electronic transfer system is FREE.

Once you have automated your paycheck, consider saving even more by automating your payments as well.  As the price of a postage stamps rises, so does the cost savings of paying your bills online.

The rise of electronic payments makes excellent food for thought.

By: Kathy Drexler, Operations Manager, Asst. Cashier

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