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Farm Safety

As we move deep into September and the heart of harvest season, I’m reminded of the great need for FARM SAFETY. 

Having been raised on a large dairy farm in southeastern Minnesota and being called back from time to time to help, I’m well familiar with all the moving parts that are required to operate a successful & safe farming operation. And in speaking of moving parts, I refer not only to machinery, but also to the people it takes to complete a task. 

One of the key factors to a farming success story is personal safety.  Consider these elements as you head out to your harvest workplace.

Be aware of your surroundings:

  • What equipment is operating near you?
  • Who is in your work area?

When working on equipment:

  • Use blocks in front and rear of wheels & tires.
  • Brace and block up headers before climbing under them.

 When working near machinery:

  • Keep rolling shields in place and in working order.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and PTO’s, pulleys, sprockets, chains, and belts.
  • Shut down engines before working on equipment.

When working near livestock:

  • Respect the animals you are working with – they are, after all, animals, and they are larger and stronger than you are.
  • Gating systems, dividers and protective areas are all great tools.  Make it your habit to use them.

One of the most important factors to remember in personal safety is personal REST.  In a dry summer like we have enjoyed this year with few days off for rain or few opportunities for “down” days, it is easy to become physically fatigued.  And fatigue can be your greatest enemy.  REST is key to staying alert.

Get your rest; take reasonable breaks; get out and walk around.  Stay safe to operate another year!

By: Tim Hoscheit, Vice President


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