National Teach Kids To Save Day

Juliana teach kids

National Teach Children to Save Day is April 23. Citizens Bank Minnesota is excited to once again go into our local schools and teach the second graders about saving. The day is aimed at raising awareness about the important role that banks and bankers play in helping young people develop lifelong savings habits.

One of the ways we help the students learn about saving is by discussing what they might save for, why it is important to save, and where they can save their money. To emphasize how banks are a better place to save their money than at home in their piggy banks, the students play a game with laffy taffy. After the class is divided into two, they each take turns to “make a deposit” with their taffy, one group to their piggy bank, the other to the bank. After the first round, the students who deposited their taffy at the bank receive interest in the form of more taffy. After five rounds, the bank students have an overflowing bucket of taffy, while the piggy bank students have only the amount of taffy they started with. This is a good visual and interactive example for students to see the benefits of saving.

Following the laffy taffy game, the students talk about different ways they can add to their savings accounts, such as receiving money as a gift, earning money from jobs at home, or their allowance. They also talk about their savings goals, such as buying video games or toys now, or saving for a car or college in the future. The students then can ask questions in regards to saving and the bank. In the past, the students have been excited to talk about the security of the bank, specifically the vault and motion detectors!

Through Teach Children to Save, the students really gain a good insight into saving that we hope will stay with them through their lives.  If they don’t already have a savings account, we encourage the kids to stop into Citizens and open one up.  They will then join the Savings Force and receive educational newsletters and be involved in our Power Rewards Program, which is geared towards saving money and getting good grades in school to earn rewards.

By: Kelly Blick, Marketing Assistant/Youth Coordinator

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