Preventing Farm Equipment Accidents

Tractor & planterThe time is coming when farmers are getting geared up for planting season. They are getting all of their farm equipment ready and will be rolling into the fields very soon. What are some things that motorists can do to prevent an accident with a farm tractor/farm truck on the road and what can farmers do to help prevent accidents.

As motorists, we need to be aware and stay aware that the farmers will be on the roads in the next few months and will be very busy. Here are some recommendations that can help prevent accidents with these farmers:

  • When approaching a tractor/farm truck on the road, we should slow down and be attentive to what they are doing and where they may be turning.
  • We should be patient and safely pass the farm equipment; do not follow the farm equipment too closely.
  • Do not pull out in front of farm equipment as they are carrying heavy loads and cannot stop quickly.
  • Be a defensive driver and pay attention to your surroundings and to what others are doing.

Some recommendations for farmers during this busy season and while traveling from farm site to farm site are:

  • Inspect all farm equipment before use and before taking it out on the road to make sure everything is mechanically sound.
  • Mount Slow Moving Vehicle signs on all tractors, combines and other farm equipment that is necessary to notify other motorists.
  • If traveling during the night, verify that you have working headlights and flashing front and rear warning lights.
  • Do not travel left of the center of the road after dark, during poor visibility and/or when approaching the top of a hill or a curve.

We all need to take added precautions when on the road, but we need to remember that this time of year is busier for farmers and we need to be aware of this and to be defensive drivers.

By: Nick Hage – Citizens Agency Manager/Insurance Agent

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