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Debit Card Tips For Travel

Citizens Bank Minnesota MasterCardDebit Cards can be used anywhere!

Fraud Monitoring: Safety and security of your accounts is our priority.  On occasion, you may receive a text, email or phone call from our after-hour fraud service, or a bank representative, asking you to verify transactions.  A temporary hold may be placed on your card until you respond and verify that the transactions in question were authorized by you.

Note: Fraud service representatives only ask that you verify transactions not account numbers. Scam calls often try to obtain account numbers and specific information in regards to your identity, which when given compromises your accounts.

In the event your Citizens MasterCard Debit Card has been lost or stolen please contact Citizens Bank Minnesota immediately at (507) 354-3165 or after hours  888-297-3416.

Gas Station Purchases outside Minnesota: when purchasing at a Gas station outside of Minnesota you must select ‘Debit’ as the method of payment, always using your PIN. Due to fraud trends Credit or Signature method of payment will decline in certain areas.

International Purchases and Travel: If you are purchasing from a company that is based International, or traveling outside of the United States, please notify Citizens Connection department in advance at 1-800-549-0194 or (507) 354-3165 and we will open your card for use.  Citizens does not assess foreign transaction fees, however the merchant or ATM you are using may do so.

Need an ATM on the go?  Visit to identify thousands of ATM’s free for you to use nationwide.

Thank you so much for choosing to bank with us and best wishes on your next travel adventure!

Hoffman Promoted to Branch Manager

Citizens Bank Minnesota, Lafayette Branch, is pleased to announce that Colin Hoffman has been promoted to Branch Manager. Hoffman joined Citizens as an Intern in the summer of 2018, where he shadowed every department within the bank. In 2019, he accepted a position as a Client Service Representative in Lakeville and was promoted to Loan Processor/Administrative Assistant in 2020. He graduated from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Finance. Outside of banking, Colin has been an active member in the operation of his family farm the past 10+ years and will be a member of the Tomahawk Amateur Baseball League.

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