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Leaving town? No need to leave your hometown bank!


Citizens Bank Minnesota offers online banking, mobile banking, e-statements, bill payment, bank-to-bank transfer and mobile deposit!  Bank-to-bank transfer allows you to quickly transfer funds between your accounts at different institutions.  Bill payments can be setup to automatically come from your account each month! We have mobile banking apps for both Apple and Android smartphones – just search in your app store for “Citizens Bank MN” and download the free app!  Mobile deposit is perfect for those who do not live close to one of our branches.  You can simply take a picture of your check and deposit into your Citizens account! You can find more information about our Online Services at

Coming soon!  Advanced Bill Payment, Apple Pay, and EMV chip cards!

If you would like to learn more about any of these features please contact us!

By: Jenn Wendorff, Sr. Client Service Representative

Citizens Celebrates 140 Years of Making Things Happen


February 1, 2016 marks Citizens Bank Minnesota’s 140th Anniversary! We have a short anniversary video that highlights 140 years of making things happen!  You can view our video here: 140th Anniversary Video


Are You Ready to Leave Your Credit Cards at Home … and Pay by Smartphone?


Paying for purchases by smartphone is becoming increasingly viable. Three major companies now enable consumers to buy goods at participating merchants with their credit or debit card by just waving a smartphone over the payment terminal. In fact, a major smartphone manufacturer recently teamed up with many banks and merchants to make the service available to anyone buying the newest version of its smartphone. What should you know about using your smartphone to pay in a store or a restaurant?

You need the right equipment. Your smartphone must contain a contactless or “NFC” (near field communication) computer chip that allows it to “talk” to the payment terminal via a wireless connection, as well as a digital wallet to store your payment card information. If you are buying a new smartphone, you can ask the salesperson if it has an NFC chip. For a phone you already have, check the “settings” menu and look for “NFC.” Your phone may already have a digital wallet feature. You can also download one through an app store or other online marketplace.

You have to load your credit or debit card information onto the phone. The setup procedure can be as easy as taking a picture of the front and back of the card with the mobile wallet application. The app will then send it to your bank for approval and to confirm that it’s really you. Some mobile wallets may allow consumers to load “loyalty” cards from favorite retailers. You may also receive store or restaurant coupons or other offers through your phone, based in part on your recent purchase history with the company.

Most merchants that accept mobile payments are large national chains, but smaller stores are beginning to sign up. A merchant must first install card terminals that accept contactless payments; they look different than the swipe terminals you are used to and display the symbol shown on the left.

As with any electronic transaction, pay attention to security issues. According to Jeff Kopchik, a Senior Policy Analyst at the FDIC, “Many security experts believe that mobile payments are more secure than swiping your magnetic stripe credit card because the mobile service keeps your credit number in encrypted form and does not transmit it to the merchant. But you still should make sure your phone is protected, such as with a password, so it cannot be accessed by a thief. Some of the newest smartphones use fingerprint readers to control access, which can be secure and convenient.”

Also make sure your phone “times out” and re-locks itself after it isn’t used for a short period of time. If you lose your smartphone, notify the bank or other issuer of any credit or debit cards that may be loaded on the phone.

“Remember that if there is a problem with a transaction, you will receive the same federal protections that otherwise apply to the underlying payment source,” noted FDIC Senior Policy Analyst Elizabeth Khalil. “For example, if the transaction drew on a credit card for payment, you will be protected by the same laws and regulations that cover credit cards.”

To learn more, start by contacting your smartphone service provider or credit card issuer.

Article courtesy of FDIC Consumer News

Citizens Bank Minnesota’s Website Is Getting A Facelift!

website home page

Exciting news from Citizens Bank Minnesota!

We are excited to announce that on Thursday, March 27th, we will be launching our new website! We’ll have all the same great features, just a fresh new look! You will be able to navigate to a more functional Citizens Agency site from Citizens Bank Minnesota’s home page as well.  Be sure to check out on March 27th, and look through the menus and headings to get familiar with the new layout!


By: Sarah Seifert, Marketing Assistant

Go! Mobile Photo Contest!

Go Mobile eNewsletter pic

Citizens Bank Minnesota knows how busy life can be! That’s why Go! Mobile is perfect for busy people on the GO…it lets you take your bank with you!

We want to know where Go! Mobile has let you GO! To the beach? The mountains? Camping? Just send us your photo taken with your mobile device and you could win a $25 Gift Certificate to a Local Business of your choice!*

Enter the Go! Mobile photo contest one of two ways!

1. Email – Submit a photo taken with your mobile device to:  In the email, please include the sentence, “Citizens Bank Minnesota let me GO________”

2. Twitter – Tweet your photo to @citizensmn via Twitter!  Let us know where Citizens Bank Minnesota let you GO and include the hashtag #Go!Mobile in your tweet!

Photos will be judged on content and creativity! Is it artistic? Taken in an unusual location? Is the Citizens name or logo in the photo? Have fun, and be creative!  A panel of judges will vote on the photos and choose a winner on July 31st, and a second on August 31st.

Not enrolled in Go! Mobile yet?

Just go to our website to find out how you can enroll in Go! Mobile! Everyone who enrolls before August 1, 2013 is eligible to win an iPad!**

For questions, please contact Citizens Connection at or call 800-549-0194 during regular business hours.

*Enter for your chance to win a $25 gift certificate from a local business of your choice at any Citizens  location.  By emailing or tweeting your photo, you are giving Citizens Bank Minnesota permission to use the photos on their Social Media sites. Citizens will not tag or identify people in any photos.  Contest runs July 1, 2013 – August 31, 2013   Drawings to be held on July 31st for one winner and on August 31st for a second winner.  Winner need not be present to win. No deposit required. Do not need to open an account or be a customer to win. Member FDIC.

**Enter for your chance to win an Apple iPad® at any Citizens Bank Minnesota location. You will be automatically entered into the drawing when you enroll for Go! Mobile by August 1st, 2013. Drawing to be held on August 2nd, 2013, winner need not be present to win. No deposit required. Do not need to open an account or be a customer to win. Member FDIC.

By: Sarah Seifert, Online Marketing Administrative Assistant

Citizens Bank Minnesota Installs New Phone System

Citizens Bank Minnesota has just installed a new phone system with many enhanced features that will allow greater capacity of service for all of our locations. Our main phone numbers will remain the same.

  • New Ulm         507-354-3165             Toll-free:  1-800-549-0194
  • Lafayette        507-228-8283             Toll-free: 1-800-459-7563
  • La Salle           507-375-3537             Toll-free: 1-877-308-9546
  • Lakeville          952-469-1919                    

When installing any new technology, as you know, there may be technical difficulties encountered. In an effort to continue a high level of customer service, as a precaution, a trouble-shooting phone line has been installed. It is our goal to resolve any situations if they occur. If you call and are unable to reach a Citizens bank representative at the numbers listed above, and it is during business hours, please call 507-233-7524 or email to report the situation.

Thank you for your business!


Citizens Bank Minnesota             

Online Enemies

As a bank IT Manager, I get the question “Why do people write viruses, spyware, or other forms of hacking on the Internet.”  The answer isn’t always clear because everyone uses the Internet in different ways, but the most common reasons that I can easily explain are:

  1. for Money
  2. for Prestige
  3. for Fun
  4. to Cause Damage

Realistically, many forms of crime fit into those same reasons; Trend Micro recently posted this nice graphic depicting the types of attacks that come from online “enemies” both near and far:

By: Jason Wieland, IT Manager

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