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Adopt a Soldier

A little bit of peace.  Citizens Bank Minnesota has teamed up with Operation Minnesota Nice, adopting Soldiers/Marines who are overseas and sending them care packages from “home”.  Currently our employees are sending 12 Military personal packages every month.  This is not a matter of whether you believe we are overseas for the right reasons, but a matter of supporting our military who have no choice but to be there.  Many of the men and women we have adopted haven’t received as much as a letter from home, so for them to know that someone back here cares about them makes a difference in their lives and gives them some peace of mind. There are days these men/women go without a meal from their Mess Hall. The snacks sent help provide a little nutrition or help tide them over. They wear holes in their socks in a matter of days.  We send them new socks, as they don’t have a retail store to purchase new ones.  They may go for weeks without a shower.  Sending wet wipes and Q-Tips helps them stay somewhat clean. Many of our Military are overseas for the holidays.  We send them Christmas in a box. If you would like to make a difference in a Soldier/Marine’s life, donations are being accepted at any of our Citizens Bank Minnesota locations. One soldier who had received a package said, “In the darkness shines the light of an angel.”  Be an angel today!

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By Jill Derksen, Loan Processor/Secretary

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