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Your Resolution, Your Home

new house

Is purchasing a new home on your list of resolutions and goals for 2018?  We found this helpful article that has some great tips on how you can reach that goal! Full article

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Citizens Delivers Random Acts of Kindness to 425 People

September 18-22, 2017 was Minnesota Bankers Community Impact Week, in which Citizens Bank Minnesota was a proud participant. Across the state, 95 banks and over 250 branches joined forces to serve their local communities. Citizens chose to split its staff of 94 into 13 teams and perform Random Acts of Kindness throughout the communities they serve. Citizens employees were able to impact 11 organizations and over 425 individuals. Some of the acts performed were providing healthy snacks to Davita Dialysis Center in New Ulm, serving hot dogs to the community in Lafayette and bringing a football jersey along with snacks to a local student who was recently hurt while playing football.
Launched by the Minnesota Bankers Association, the Community Impact Week creates an opportunity for banks to highlight the many volunteer opportunities available to help build stronger local communities. Citizens and their employees were proud to be a part of this effort!

Check out our video to see the businesses and individuals that Citizens impacted this year!

The Re-Designed $100 Note – Know Its Features, Know It’s Real


The re-designed $100 note began circulating on October 8, 2013.  This is the 4th time in history that there is a new $100 bill!  Why were new security features added? To stay ahead of counterfeiters and to protect your hard-earned money!  An interesting fact is that the new bill will cost 12.6 cents to produce.

There are two new security features on the note – a 3-D Security Ribbon and a Bell in the inkwell.  The blue ribbon is woven into the paper, not printed on it. If you tip the note back and forth while focusing on the ribbon, you will see bells change to 100’s as they move.  The bell in the inkwell will color shift from copper to green as the note is moved.

Several other additional features have been added to protect the integrity of the new $100 note.

  • There is raised printing on Benjamin Franklin – his shoulder feels rough to the touch.
  • Look for the large gold 100 on the back of the note.
  • Look carefully for micro-printing around images.
  • New $100 notes printed in Fort Worth, Texas will have a small F.W. in the top left corner on the front of the note.

Three highly effective security features from the older design have been retained and updated in the new $100 note:  a portrait watermark, a security thread and a color shifting 100 in the lower right corner.

By: Sarah Seifert, Marketing Assistant

Citizens Bank Minnesota hits $286,310.55 on Go Local Holiday Shopping Goal!

As consumers were preparing for the holiday season, Citizens Bank Minnesota was encouraging them to Go Local by shopping at their community’s small businesses. By supporting local small businesses, consumers give back to their community and make it a better place to live.  Local spending helps communities thrive and grow.

Citizens challenged itself and its employees to shop locally first for all of their holiday needs. The bank set a $200,000 goal for itself and its 80+ employees to spend locally during November and December. They blew past it by spending $286,310.55!

Citizens launched its Go Local campaign in New Ulm on Monday, November 19th by “cash mobbing” Retzlaff’s Hardware, its oldest retail client. A cash mob is a phenomenon recently seen across the country, designed to help a small business by organizing a group of people, through social media or other means, to meet at the business and spend about $20 each.  The location is kept secret until the last minute, although clues are given in advance.  The business is usually surprised, and the atmosphere during the cash mob is very light hearted and fun.

Citizens plans to continue to cash mob businesses at all locations into 2013. Cash mobs will take place at retail stores and eating establishments.  Follow the bank on Facebook for clues to the next cash mob location.  And businesses, beware!  You may be next!

As an additional part of the Citizens Go Local campaign, 50 checkbooks were also distributed around New Ulm, Lafayette, La Salle and Lakeville in hopes that citizens would find them, return them to Citizens Bank Minnesota to receive $10 in Chamber Dollars to use to shop locally.  Plus, if you are a client of Citizens, the prize doubles!  If you see a blue checkbook just lying on the ground with a Citizens logo, grab it and bring it back to your local Citizens location to collect your prize!

Go Local!


Harvest Season is Upon Us

Fall is here and with it brings the start of harvest season.  This year, we again experienced a variety of weather in our trade area, with an early spring that provided the opportunity to plant unseasonably early.  The planting conditions were ideal in early April and then came some rain that caused delays in planting.  However, that early rain was a godsend, as it provided us with much needed moisture.  From spring on, our rains were extremely spotty and as our summer progressed, the dry conditions persisted.  In fact, most of the significant increase in our corn and soybean prices which, depending if you are a producer or user of these commodities, has made raising livestock profitability extremely challenging.

I want to briefly discuss some things to remember with this year’s harvest.  Crop insurance may be a significant source of income and protection for you for your operation this fall.  As you are combining your corn or soybeans, remember to keep accurate load records of the bushels harvested off of each field for reporting purposes.  Bin measurements are also important.  If possible, do not co-mingle grain as it is harvested.  If you must do so, please take the time to mark your bins so that accurate measurements may be taken if a loss is incurred.

When harvesting, if it is apparent that your crop may not meet your guarantees for each unit, please take the time to call your agent and report a probable loss.  If it is necessary to leave test strips, they should typically be four rows wide and the length of the field.  A test strip should be left for every twenty acres in the field.  If the grain being harvested is being directly hauled to town, then scale tickets will provide satisfactory evidence of your production.  Please remember to identify on the scale ticket the farm where the grain was produced.

Please feel free to call us with your questions regarding your crop insurance.  As the harvest season begins, keep accurate records and report bushels harvested once your harvest is completed.  Above all, take time to be safe and not take chances that could jeopardize your safety and that of those around you.

Thank you for your business over these many years and we look forward to continuing to provide service to you in the future.

Bill Brennan, Sr. Vice President


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