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Making A Difference…


Citizens Bank Minnesota employees wanted to do something to make a difference, so on December 10, 2009 Citizens teamed up with Operation Minnesota Nice and sent our first packages to our newly adopted Soldiers/Marines who are overseas.  As of March 15, 2013 our employees have sent a total of 374 packages to over 70 adopted Military personnel (totaling 4,158 pounds of hope).

Why do we care?   Read the following letters, and you will understand…

“My name is Jason…. I was first deployed to Iraq in 2007.  This time, I am a sapper in Afghanistan.  We do route clearance driving at about 2 mph looking for roadside bombs. Jan 6th we took our first bad hit. We had 4 KIA and 1 wounded. That was a tough one. I knew those guys pretty well and it hurt and still does but we have a mission to do….Things had been pretty quiet until recent. Don’t get me wrong we have taken IED blasts and the occasional small arms fire but everyone has been ok. In middle of June our FOB was attacked. 8 insurgents had gotten on base.  The chow hall had been blown up as well as some other buildings. Only one person was injured.  Again things calmed down. July 16th is a day that will live with me for the rest of my life. “Nick” was my youngest soldier, he was 20. And you talk about a model soldier, the best nicest all around great kid. His smile that would just melt away any anger or anything ya know. I couldn’t go on mission. My commander had me on a different mission….anyway, Nick, the rest of my guys, along with a few other squads went out on mission and were the victims of a Complex attack. Nick and “Sergio” were KIA that day, and I wasn’t there…. To this day I’m still haunted by not being there asking myself the same question – was there anything I could have done? I’m not asking for pity but if you could send prayers to their families, and for them and my soldiers- they need them. Thanks again for the packages!  From SSG Jasonlee “

“Just got another package from Citizens Bank. I would like to thank you all for keeping me in your thoughts while I am gone. I know it has been hard on my mom, so thank you also for being there for her J I will be stopping in once I get back – when I get out of the Marines. Thank you all again.  Jake”

“…  I cannot thank you enough for the care packages.  What an adventure.  You should have seen my co-workers when I was opening up those boxes.  We are just like little kids at Christmas time.  This means so much to us. I have two more days left here in Kuwait before I make my way home.  I have been here a whole year and it felt like a whole year at times.  I cannot believe that I have spent two years out of the past four here in the Middle East.  I just wanted to say thanks for all of your boxes of goodies that you guys have sent to me and my guys.  We really appreciate it.  Thank you.  CPT Jared “

“First off, I would like to apologize for this “thank you” being so late! I truly do appreciate the packages that you and Citizens have sent to me! Also, thank you for the special cards for me to send back to my family.  Please let everyone know that I appreciated their letter!  Thank you, and please extend my gratitude to the whole staff at Citizens as well! I loved each of the packages, as did my buddies!  Jarrett”

This is not a matter of whether you believe we are overseas for the right reasons, but a matter of supporting our Military who have received their orders and have been called to duty.  Make a difference in someone’s life today!  For more information go to:

By: Jill Derksen, Loan Processor/Admin. Professional

Adopt a Soldier

A little bit of peace.  Citizens Bank Minnesota has teamed up with Operation Minnesota Nice, adopting Soldiers/Marines who are overseas and sending them care packages from “home”.  Currently our employees are sending 12 Military personal packages every month.  This is not a matter of whether you believe we are overseas for the right reasons, but a matter of supporting our military who have no choice but to be there.  Many of the men and women we have adopted haven’t received as much as a letter from home, so for them to know that someone back here cares about them makes a difference in their lives and gives them some peace of mind. There are days these men/women go without a meal from their Mess Hall. The snacks sent help provide a little nutrition or help tide them over. They wear holes in their socks in a matter of days.  We send them new socks, as they don’t have a retail store to purchase new ones.  They may go for weeks without a shower.  Sending wet wipes and Q-Tips helps them stay somewhat clean. Many of our Military are overseas for the holidays.  We send them Christmas in a box. If you would like to make a difference in a Soldier/Marine’s life, donations are being accepted at any of our Citizens Bank Minnesota locations. One soldier who had received a package said, “In the darkness shines the light of an angel.”  Be an angel today!

For more information go to:  

By Jill Derksen, Loan Processor/Secretary

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