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Required Password Change

On February 14th at 8am, Citizens Bank Minnesota is enabling mandatory password changes in our NetTeller online banking product.  Passwords will be required to change every 60 days and previous passwords cannot be reused.  We realize that our customers count on us to protect their information and accounts. The benefit of regularly changing a password outweighs the difficulty of changing it. We are available to assist you with any questions this change may bring. Please contact us at 800-549-0194 or 507-354-3165.

Recent data breaches provide the best example demanding timely password changes., for example, recently had a database containing 24 million customer records that were stolen.  Several forms of fraud could potentially begin after a breach of such magnitude.  This is an important example on why requiring password changes may help keep you protected.

A few best practices:

  • Change your password NOW in the “Options” menu within your Online Banking account.
  • Fill out the “Password Reset Question and Answer” in the options menu. This is the question that you must answer to automatically reset your own password. Without this filled out you have to contact the bank to reset.
  • Use a stronger password than required. Here is a good password primer from a trusted resource:
  • Never use your web browser to save a password. There are computerized password management tools, but Citizens doesn’t endorse a password management tool.
  • Use a different password for online banking than any other website, or at least use a different password than your email, Facebook, or online shopping accounts.
  • Consider the security of the computer you are using to access online banking. Do you own it? Is it infected? Is it on a publicly accessible wireless network? Is it a public computer? Would you be willing to type your most private secret onto the computer?

By: Jason Wieland, IT Manager

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