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Online Enemies

As a bank IT Manager, I get the question “Why do people write viruses, spyware, or other forms of hacking on the Internet.”  The answer isn’t always clear because everyone uses the Internet in different ways, but the most common reasons that I can easily explain are:

  1. for Money
  2. for Prestige
  3. for Fun
  4. to Cause Damage

Realistically, many forms of crime fit into those same reasons; Trend Micro recently posted this nice graphic depicting the types of attacks that come from online “enemies” both near and far:

By: Jason Wieland, IT Manager

How to Back up Your Computer

The modern home computer stores a wealth of information. Losing information is more painful now than ever before and this fact has driven some to back up a home computer much like a business.  Consider the pictures, videos, emails, documents, homework, tax information, and more that we all store – what would you lose? The good news is that there are powerful backup tools to help you today.

There is a new generation of tools that can simply and automatically synchronize all your computers together.  Services like Dropbox or Trend Micro SafeSync can even sync between your computers and your phone.  No more digging through 4 different home computers to find that one file you need.  This type of solution is powerful with even one computer because the service also backs up your information. This way, you can always access or download the files back to any computer.  These services also encrypt your data so there is solid security protecting you.

Dropbox has a free tier for the first 5GB of data, which covers 80% of all home users and Trend Micro is more cost effective in the paid tiers:

By: Jason Wieland, IT Manager

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