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Planning one last summer vacation?


Here at Citizens Bank Minnesota, safety and security of our clients’ accounts is priority.  As a precaution there are states and countries that are blocked for Debit Card use based on monitored fraud patterns. Just a reminder, when traveling out of state it is important to notify Citizens at 1-800-549-0194 or (507) 354-3165 with dates and the location of your travel so your card will be available for use.

Tips for your Travel:

  • Travel with more than one form of payment, i.e. debit card, credit card, pre-paid card, cash.
  • Check the expiration of your Debit Card to assure it will not expire while you are away.
  • Know and memorize your Pin.  Call 1-866-985-2273 if you need to reset your Pin.
  • When using ATM’s, stay in well-lit areas and be aware of the surroundings.
  • Do not leave receipts at the ATM.
  • Store your Debit Card account number and the lost/stolen customer service telephone number separately and in a safe & secure location – Card Member Services (800) 535-8440.
  • Monitor your transactions regularly via Online Banking at, through an iPhone or Android App, or Telephone Banking 507-233-2265 (or) 1-888-476-2265
  • ATM and Debit Card Transactions are protected under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.  To limit your liability, you will need to monitor and immediately report any unauthorized charges to the bank.

By: Melissa Bergeman, Citizens Connection Manager/Complaint Resolution Officer

A Worry-Free Vacation!

With all of the excitement preparing for vacation, we tend to forget a couple of important items.  We have to remember to turn down the furnace, have the newspapers stopped, have your mail held, etc., but you also need to remember to contact your bank and your credit card company. 

There is so much fraud, with identity theft being a big issue everywhere.  This has prompted many banks and credit card companies to take action and try to catch any suspicious activity in areas where the cards are normally not used and alert their customers.  If suspicious activity is thought to be happening, the credit card company will usually call you and inform you of the activity going on with your card and, if you have not made these transactions, they will shut down your card immediately. 

Make sure to keep your cards in your possession at all times and use them only at places you feel are safe merchants.  Also, make sure your card is returned to you after the transaction is complete. 

1)       Debit Cards – Call the bank to let them know you are going on vacation.  You may not realize it, but there are some states that are blocked and some that allow pin based transactions only.  If you call the bank, we will put a note on your account for the dates you are going to be gone and where you are going. 

2)       Credit Cards – Call your credit card company to let them know you are going on vacation.  They will need to know when you are going to be gone and where you are going.  They will flag your credit card so that when they see some activity going on in a different state or country, they know that you are there. 

If you do not call your bank and/or credit card company, you may not be able to use your cards while on vacation. 

Follow these easy steps and you should have no problems when you travel. 

Enjoy your vacation! 

By: Lori Kollmann, Office Manager

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